Thank you for your interest in Self-Storage TV! To submit your self-storage video to this exciting new venture, see the instructions below. We are interested in content including:

The preferred video format is mp4. If your video is in another format, we can convert it for you, but please understand video quality may be compromised. Thanks again for your interest in SSTV. Please e-mail with any questions or suggestions.

For a video that is 4 MB or smaller:

Simply attach it to an e-mail and send it to

(Please note the maximum e-mail size accepted at this address is 5MB, so depending on the size of your files, you may not be able to send more than one attachment at a time.)

For videos of 5 MB to 325 MB in size:

Please use our content-upload system:

Visit our content-upload site.

Username: informa_iss

Password: xxxxxxx
*Hover over x's to reveal password

If your video is larger than 325 MB:

Please e-mail for special upload instructions.